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Piatt County 9-1-1

The Piatt County Emergency Telephone System Board was organized April 25, 1994, to oversee the implementation of an Enhanced 9-1-1 in Piatt County.  9-1-1 is a three-digit telephone number that citizens may dial 24 hours a day for police, fire or emergency medical services.  The system is operational and dispatch points know almost instantly where the emergency call is coming from, as well as the name of the person living at that location.

The Piatt County 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is located in the Piatt County Public Safety Building at 1216 Raymond Rd, Monticello, Illinois. The 9-1-1 Dispatchers are trained and certified in pre-arrival medical instruction as well as in emergency law enforcement, fire, and EMS dispatch procedures. The Piatt County Dispatchers, formally titled Telecommunicators, are employees of the County of Piatt and are directly supervised by the Sheriff of Piatt County. The 9-1-1 Director is also employed by the County of Piatt and reports directly to the Emergency Telephone System Board.

Piatt County 9-1-1
Tim Furman, Director
Piatt County Public Safety Building
1216 Raymond Rd., Monticello, IL 61856
Ph 217-762-2626, FAX 217-762-9799

The Piatt County Telecommunicators are responsible for the emergency dispatch of the following departments and agencies:


Law Enforcement

Piatt County Sheriff's Office
Atwood Police Department
Bement Police Department
Cerro Gordo Police Department
Mansfield Police Department
Monticello Police Department

Emergency Medical Services

Decatur Ambulance
Arrow Ambulance
Kirby Hospital Ambulance
Lovington Community Ambulance
Pro Ambulance Service

Fire Protection and EMS Services

Atwood Fire Protection District
Bement Fire Protection District
Cerro Gordo Fire Protection District
Cisco Fire Protection District
Deland Fire Protection District
Farmer City Fire Protection District
Hammond Fire Protection District
Ivesdale Fire Protection District
Mid Piatt Fire Protection District
Monticello City Fire Department
Northern Piatt Co. Fire Prot. District
Seymour Fire Protection District
Weldon Fire Protection District

The Piatt County Emergency Telephone System Board

John Carter, Chairman ............................. ph. 217-762-7727
Doug Winder, Vice-Chairman ............................. ph. 217-631-4104
Crystal Alexander, Secretary ............................. ph. 217-762-1801
Tim Furman (ex officio), Director ............................. ph. 217-762-2626

(3-year terms expiring January 1)
Dan Adomaitis, Monticello Member at Large 2023
Crystal Alexander, Monticello EMS 2023
Ellen Lynch, Atwood Fire 2024
Ray Spencer, White Heath County Board 2024
Lydia Strowmatt, Deland Fire 2024
John Carter, Monticello Law Enforcement 2025
Doug Winder, Bement Fire 2025
Nick Hyde, Cerro Gordo Fire 2025

9-1-1 provides all addresses for new construction within Piatt County.
Contact 9-1-1 Director's Office for information.
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