piatt county seal


Debbie Marshall

Welcome to the Piatt County Treasurer's Office.

The County Treasurer serves as both Treasurer and Collector for the County. The Treasurer is responsible for record keeping, depositing and investing funds for Piatt County. County Treasurer’s are more cash managers than long term investors. Our investment objectives are safety, liquidity and yield in that order. The County Treasurer also serves as Treasurer for 33 drainage districts in Piatt County.

The Collector is responsible for billing, investing and distributing property taxes collected from Real Estate and Mobile Homes. The Collector prepares and sends out over 13,500 Real Estate Tax Bills annually, and collects over $37,000,000.

The Piatt County Treasurer’s Office works for the taxpayers and the tax districts of the County. We are here to serve you. Our goal is to provide professional and courteous service to all of Piatt County.