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Piatt County Animal Control

Fee Schedule

Dogs - Spayed/Neutered$15
Dogs - Unspayed/Unneutered$30
Late fee after 30 days$10
We do not register cats in Piatt County.
First offense$25
Second offense, same dog within 12 months$50
Offenses over two, same dog within 12 months$100

Payments can be mailed to:
 Piatt County Animal Control
 1115 N State St, Suite 120
 Monticello, IL 61856

Cash, check or money order only. No debit/credit cards. No online payments.
Mail in payment or use the dropbox located outside the building entrance. Tags will then be mailed to you. There is also a dropbox on the counter of the office. Envelopes are provided at both dropboxes.

Fee's for tags are due the month the dog was vaccinated.

Reminders are sent out the 1st of every month. Fees are due BY the first of the following month. Fees not paid by the due date will incur a $10 late fee.

Registration is required annually. Piatt County does not issue 3 year tags.

If your dog is due for a Rabies vaccination, a reminder will be sent out the 1st of the month that it is due. The fee for the registration tag is then due WITHIN 30 days from the NEW vaccination date.

Dogs 4 months and older need to be vaccinated for Rabies and registered in Piatt County.

All dogs brought in to Piatt County must be registered within 30 days. Proof of Rabies vaccination and payment is required before a Piatt County registration tag can be issued.

Do not call the Piatt County Sheriff's Office with Animal Control issues unless it is after hours. Instead, please call the number for the Animal Control Warden for your area listed below, or Piatt County Animal Control for unincorporated and rural areas.


The Piatt County Animal Control officer is on call. Piatt County Animal Control serves only the rural and unincorporated areas of the county and can be reached by calling (217)762-2812 or after hours by calling the Piatt County Sheriff's Office at (217)762-5761.

Unincorporated areas of Piatt County are - White Heath, Lodge, Pierson Station, Milmine and LaPlace.


Incorporated areas in Piatt County have their own Animal Control Officer. The following is a list of Piatt County incorporated areas and the Animal Control contacts:

Animal Control Wardens for Incorporated Areas:
Atwood - Village Police (217)578-3141
Bement - Village Hall (217)678-4741
Cerro Gordo - Village Hall (217)763-8551
Cisco - Paula Chumbley (217)669-2211
DeLand - Todd Benting (217)722-9108
Hammond - Village Hall (217)262-3431
Mansfield - Susan Peterson (217)489-4801
Monticello - City Police (217)762-7727

If a dog is picked up in unincorporated areas by Piatt County Animal Control, it will be taken to the Animal Hospital of Monticello. The owner will need to have proof of Rabies Vaccination or get it done before the dog will be returned to the owner. The pickup fees listed above must be paid in full before the dog will be relinquished to the owner. If your dog is picked up in an incorporated area, contact your village animal control warden

Animal Control Office
Teresa Camfield, Office Manager
Piatt County Office Bldg
1115 N State, Suite 120
Monticello, IL 61856
Ph (217)762-2812
Email animalcontrol@piattcounty.org

Wildlife Removal

From the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

If you are dealing with wildlife damage and all other nonlethal options have failed, removal of an animal may be the final solution. There are two options for removing wildlife: 1. Hire a licensed Wildlife Nuisance Control Operator to trap and remove the animal. 2. Handle the situation yourself.

Visit the following ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES links if you want to:

Hire a licensed Wildlife Nuisance Control Operator to trap and remove the animal.
Apply for a Nuisance Animal Removal Permit and handle the situation yourself.

Neither the City of Monticello nor Piatt County will trap or test wild animals (i.e. racoons, possums, bats, etc.). Property owners must contact a private company for wild animal trapping/testing. For information concerning trapping/testing wild animals in other incorporated areas of Piatt County, contact your local animal control warden.